Best Quality Timber Products

If your construction job is going to stand the test of time, it needs more than skilled and experienced craftsmen. It also requires the best possible materials in terms of durability and availability. Here at Midcoast Timbers, we are commited to supplying our customers with the best quality timber products at the most sensible prices.


Our strong supply chain ensures that we keep our customers projects flowing with everything they need including:


  • General hardware materials.
  • Trade hardware materials and fasteners.
  • Timber wall frames and trusses
  • Doors.
  • Windows.

Timber Experts

Our expert team take the supply of quality products and services to our customers very seriously. We have worked hard to build solid and mutually beneficial relationships with all our suppliers of timber products and accessories.


We want to ensure that our customers have access to the best that is available at the most competitive prices every time. All of our supplies are fully approved by the relevant government legislation concerning the supply of timber and timber products.

Safety First

Consult with our timber experts at our Burleigh Heads depot about your specific requirements and budget. We are dedicated to health and safety and we can provide advice on the safe use of all the materials we provide. So let us help you to keep your tradesmen and your project a safe environment for all concerned.


We also take the environment very seriously with a strong commitment to using sustainable supplies of timber wherever we possibly can. We know that any successful business is one that focuses upon and is driven by its customers. To this end, we are continually striving to provide our customers with the highest possible levels of service and an unmatched quality of supplied products.

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